What is AIMS?

AIMS (Accessibility Information Management System) is a sophisticated electronic multi-relational database. AIMS is a solution for public & private organizations that are interested in accessibility management and delivery systems that accommodate and attract people with disabilities.

AIMS contains numerous standards of accessibility that define built and program environments that are accessible to and usable by people with various disabilities. The database helps implement evaluations of existing or planned environments (e.g.; built, program, communication, transportation, etc.) to determine the level(s) of accessibility and usability.

Creating and completing evaluation tools, compilation and analysis of the raw data and production of project reports with a prioritized action plan(s) is streamlined with the help of AIMS.

Design and development of AIMS began in 1991 by ACCESS Unlimited (AU), a professional accessibility management firm located Santa Barbara, CA. The computer-based program significantly enhances accessibility management systems while controlling costs associated with determining initial levels of accessibility and usability.

The software has been developed using ACI US’s development software known as 4th Dimension (4D). Single user versions of AIMS are available for the Macintosh (MacOS) platform. A Windows version of AIMS is expected in the not too distant future. A cross-platform version (MacOS and Windows compatible) of AIMS is available in a multi-user/ Client-Server environment.

What Is AIMSle?

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