Networking Professional Association(s)

Since entering private practice in ’86, the founder of ACCESS Unlimited has held a strong interest in seeing a professional association established for those advising others on accessibility related matters. Robertson believes that increased networking – among professionals and organizations directly and indirectly involved in the disability rights, independent living and access movements – will contribute to achieving a common goal: uniform and comprehensively accessible environments.

Such an association would address issues including: standards of excellence; ethical practices; a common body of knowledge with sub-disciplines; certification criteria and process; continuing education; and, advancing the field of accessology. Back in ’90, Robertson successfully completed the National Bureau of Professional Consultants to Management (NBPCM) certification process and received the appellation CPCM (Certified Professional Consultant To Management) believing it would lend some credibility to a management consulting practice. A brochure that explains the organization’s purpose and goals is available upon request or visit the NBPCM web page.

Colleagues Robertson shared this idea with over the years have expressed an interest, but none (including himself) have had the time to make it so. In the latter part of ’95 the National Association of Accessibility Consultants (NAAC) was formed in Hawaii. We have since learned that NAAC may no longer be operational.

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